Friday, February 5, 2010

Better bad edge explanation and written algorithms

This time I've tried to fix 2 of the biggest problems with the site.

1. The "bad edge" explanation. The good/bad edge concept, which is really the simplest part of the entire method, has been one of the hardest to understand, since my explanation was so complex and abstract. So I simplified the text and added some much needed pictures. I also fixed the existing picture, which for 10 years have shown an impossible position with 3 bad edges! Only 4 people have pointed that out aver all these years, the first was Gilles Roux.

2. The lack of written algorithms. I've never liked cube notation. To me cubing is something you do with your hands, not something you read. Also, it's really tough for a beginner to have to learn a new language at the same time as learning the cube. But many expert cubers use notation a lot, so I have put it in on the "expert" pages. That is, the index pages and the step 4b page. I should add it to the pages too, but that's a lot of work, so it'll have to wait...